In Nature’s Image is the online home for the photography of Norfolk based ornithologist and photographer Ruth Walker.

I developed an interest in photography in my late teens when I was introduced to the delights of the dark room whilst studying art and design at college. I later went on to study for an HND in Photography and Digital Imaging, where my main interest was always landscape and wildlife photography. Having left college, the need to pay the rent led me away from a career in photography.

Skip a few years and I decided to go back to university to study for a degree in Wildlife Conservation. It was here that my passion for photographing the natural world was re-awakened. I now work full time for the British Trust for Ornithology, taking photographs as and when I get the opportunity in my spare time. Unsurprisingly, my camera equipment is now digital, but I have to admit that sometimes I do miss the darkroom and the heady mixture of expectation, fear and thrill associated with processing your own film and prints.

As an ornithologist, one of my favourite photographic subject matters is (not surprisingly) birds. In my spare time I am also a bird ringer, ringing mostly passerines, owls, waders and seabirds. I have been lucky enough to ring in such stunningly beautiful places as The Wash in the East of England, on the Shiants Isles in Western Scotland and in Delaware Bay in America, all of which have also provided me with wonderful photographic opportunities.

I hope you enjoy browsing the images on my website, many of which are available to purchase as cards or prints. I will be updating the site with new photographs on a regular basis so please stop by again soon.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or would like to discuss using any of my images, I would love to hear from you; I can be contacted via the details on the contacts page.