American oystercatcher in flightAmerican Oystercatcher on the breakwaterAmerican oystercatcher sitting on a nestBay full of Red KnotAmerican oystercatcher with foodBirds flying from beachBirds flying from Osprey Beach, Mispillion Harbour, Delaware BayBirds on Back Beach, Delaware BayBlack-bellied PloverBlack-winged stilt walking down a beachBlack-necked Stilt drinkingBlack-necked Stilt feedingBlack-necked Stilt feeding on shorelineTwo Black-necked StiltsBlack-necked Stilt landingBlack-necked Stilt stretching into waterBlack-necked Stilt walkingBlack-necked stilt, dunlin, short-billed dowitcher and semipalmated sandpipers in Delaware BayBlack-necked stilt, semipalmated sandpiper, laughing gull and horseshoe crabCarpet of birds on Back Beach, Delaware Bay